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Introduction. RapidJSON is a JSON parser and generator for C++. It was inspired by RapidXml. RapidJSON is small but complete. It supports both SAX and  5 releases - Include/rapidjson - qutromtech.com - qutromtech.comg. Added JSON Schema. Reduce memory overhead of each Value from 24 bytes to 16 bytes in x architecture. Add Document::Parse(std::string), Document::Parse(const char*, size_t length) and related APIs. (#). Note that, RapidJSON does not automatically convert values between JSON types. If a value is a string, it is invalid to call GetInt(), for example. In debug mode it  FAQ - Features - Stream - GenericDocument.

General. What is RapidJSON? RapidJSON is a C++ library for parsing and generating JSON. You may check all features of it. Why is RapidJSON named so ?. RapidJSON should be fully RFC/ECMA compliance. Support JSON Pointer (RFC). Support JSON Schema Draft v4. Support Unicode surrogate. Version of RapidJSON in ".." string format. #define, RAPIDJSON_NAMESPACE rapidjson. provide custom rapidjson namespace More.

rapidjson::kParseErrorNone = 0, rapidjson::kParseErrorDocumentEmpty, rapidjson::kParseErrorDocumentRootNotSingular, rapidjson:: kParseErrorValueInvalid. Namespaces. rapidjson. main RapidJSON namespace Major version of RapidJSON in integer. Enable RapidJSON support for std::string. More # define. template> class rapidjson::GenericValue. Represents a JSON value. There is a native JSON benchmark collection which evaluates speed, memory usage and code size of various operations among 37 JSON libraries. The old. In RapidJSON, rapidjson::Stream is a concept for reading/writing JSON. Here we first show how to use streams provided. And then see how to create a custom.

When JSON is written in UTF or UTF, the binary content-transfer-encoding must be used. RapidJSON supports various encodings. It can also validate the. Inheritance diagram for rapidjson::GenericDocumentrapidjson::GenericValue. 5 // Licensed under the MIT License (the "License"); you may not use this file except. 6 // in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at. Public 成员函数. Writer (OutputStream &os, StackAllocator *stackAllocator=0, size_t levelDepth=kDefaultLevelDepth). Constructor 更多 Writer (StackAllocator .


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