About Us

Qutromtech is engaged in the biotech industry. Our company is a leader in its industry in a number of markets, having shared interfaces with world-leading development centers. We believe in innovation, and as such, became a global leader in microbial ID & Characterization systems.

Our vision is to aid many interfaces by means of our developments, in scientific and industrial terms, and to provide for accessibility and assistance for a wide-ranging audience.

The development of the company in the microbial ID and Characterization System industry, as well as its cooperation with world-leading companies in the field, including Novo Nordisk and Amagen, has introduced the company to new markets, including the Danish capital market and the U.S. market. The company's innovation is groundbreaking, as it envisions future leadership even in the burgeoning Chinese market.

Microbial ID & Characterization system:

This instrument enables cultural development at an optimal level, by complying with all the required standards. The system's benefit is the accelerated cultural development at the best possible quality.
The service enables labs and scientific development centers to provide a prompt response in a time-saving manner.
In addition, the system reduces the test costs by nearly 40%.

The system is also being used by development centers in high tech companies during specified catalyst tests, and to various features.