Since Qutromtech's establishment to date, the company had not compromised on its superior technology used on the market. Nowadays, our company is a partner in the most advanced technological development in the field. We believe that it will only be possible to move the company forward one step at a time towards other developments, with the help of a leading workforce in terms of research and expertise.

to our success. We have no doubt that our vision is tomorrow's solution.

Addition to a technological page

Qutromtech's technologies are considered groundbreaking and can very well assist in the genetic engineering field. There are already uses for special enzymes developed in our labs, which provide food products a high level of resistance without the need for adding artificial preservatives – purely owing to the involvement of genetic engineering.

Cell cultures

Qutromtech is developing cultures used for a variety of purposes, including industrial and food production, as well as petrochemical.
The development of all the cultures is created in the most advanced setting as the company is also developing cultures for viral-vaccination uses.
We also heavily invest in the future development of stem cells. We envision that particular development as the future of modern medicine. Qutromtech aspires to take part and contribute in future medicine as we invest our best human resources, along with our collaborations with leading research institutions. We believe we'll reach groundbreaking solutions in this field