Qutromtech provides outsourcing services in the field of biotechnology. Outsourcing leads to immense savings in costs. Services are provided at two levels:
First level – supply of professional personnel to the customer's home. The delivery of the service the customer the need to form a contract regarding employer – employee relations. We can provide workers for specific projects or reinforce existing workforce.
Second level - specific laboratory tests. Biotech equipment is very expensive, and require monitoring, and much maintenance. Our company has the most advanced technological equipment. We will be happy to provide you the optimum service that meets the most stringent standards.

Third level - integrated level. The integrated level includes all of the firm's service system, specifically optimized for start-ups. The integrated service will enable your company to engage in aspects of development and marketing, leaving to us the entire tests system and the supply of associate workforce.

Among our clients are leading companies. We will be happy to assign you our entire set of knowledge and tools.

Our company meets the most stringent standards, and provides services for government labs, high-tech companies, start-ups, and leading industrial companies.

Qutromtech has the ability to respond in real time at any given moment. Our company manages direct contact with leading research and development institutes in Israel, the U.S., and the European Union.

Technological consultation

Qutromtech accompanied in the past and is currently accompanying many companies in the Silicon Valley. Our experience and our assessments can save significant costs at the development stage. Our engineers, who have the experience of numerous projects, will be able to offer their experience in order to try raising red flags during the development stage, costs that can amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

Negotiations with technology vendors - Qutromtech Company has the knowledge and ability to negotiate in a manner that will serve the technological interests of your company, all while ensuring optimum quality. Moreover, since our company represents many companies, our bargaining power can lead to considerable savings in raw materials.

Examination of technological systems – the technological system is the heart of biotech companies. Qutromtech guarantees zero malfunctions. Our methodology of testing product lines is based on extensive experience.

It will be our pleasure to provide your company an integrated system, or a client tailored solution, which will meet your company's specific and unique needs.