New Researches

Currently, our personnel at Qutromtech are persevering to develop a new generation of diabetes drugs. Reference is to a drug administered once a week. In fact, the drug is absorbed gradually in the body.

The significance of this development is that patients will be saved  having to pierce themselves a number of times daily and tens of times weekly. It is important to understand that this procedure on the part of Qutromtech means a procedure that changes the life of the patients. In fact, as a result of the development that is administered via a simple prick, a measured quantity of the substance is released in the body and absorbed in the body gradually..

The company's development is based on special enzymes that delay the absorption of the substance  in the body gradually. Already, at present, our studies have indicated an unprecedented success. The market for use of the drug is immense, in fact millions of people throughout the world, use traditional injections.