Qutromtech's efforts throughout the years have produced impressive developments. The company has developed a number of life saving drugs, which during the past two years had additional special activities. Among our other developments, Qutromtech has new mechanisms for treating cancer and diabetes, the two diseases that are known as the plague of the western world. Our company has received approvals from the regulatory authorities, including the FDA. In recent years, there is more openness and willingness to cooperate with pharmaceutical companies - as reflected in faster approval courses. 

Qutromtech's progress in the development of biological medicine coincided with the decline of existing chemical molecules based drugs, after suffering during the last two decades competition from generic companies, including Qutromtech. However, generic competition to biological drugs is seen in the near future due to the extremely complex development processes, in addition to patent protection of the new drugs. Thus, the field of biotechnology appears as the main growth engine of the pharmaceutical industry at large, and this leads to increased interest in the biotech sector, both from large pharmaceutical companies as well as investors. 

In light of these factors, Qutromtech introduced particularly strong performance last year and early this year, it has positive return of tens of percents in the shares of leading companies, and hundreds of percents among small companies that are of higher risk level. 

In addition, Qutromtech is a technological incubator, which is reflected in the huge amounts channeled to companies approved to join us. Our technological incubator chooses companies with potential. These specific entrepreneurs are selected due to many years of business experience that will surely enable them to reach the best decision regarding the companies they believe to be most suitable.